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admin/superadmin ap

Post by balli99 on Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:18 am

Your Name:
baldur ingi



SteamID, steam-name, username and in-game name:
STEAM_0:0:65182263 steam-name:balli99 ingame:balli99

Estimated playtime (On the server you want to apply):
Somewhere around the region of 24 hours.

Have you ever been a moderator/administrator at any other communities? (own communities excluded)

Explain RDM and give an example:
RDM Stands for random death match,
Random Death Matching(RDM) Is when another player intentionally harms another player
in-game be that with a gun or a melee weapon. This can be shown in the example below:
*Stizzagg approaches balli*
*balli: Hey, How you doing*
*Stizzagg pulls out a weapon and shoots balli*
*balli Dies*
*balli: @Excuse me, I was rdm'd Please could I get a hand?*
This is my example of RDM and what you should respond by doing Smile

Explain NLR and give an example:
NLR Stands for New Life Rule, What this means
is you cannot return to the place of death for 2-5 Minutes(Varies from server to server)
So if you were killed in a gunfight you cannot return to that area in which you died. If you do
it is classed as New Life Rule(NLR)

Here is an example:
*balli: /advert Raid!*
*PwnzorOfTehNoobs Fires at balli*
*balli fires back and kills PwnzorOfTehNoobs.
*PwnzorOfTehNoobs returns to the base and does not leave therefore breaks NLR*
*balli: @Excuse me, Could i possibly get some help with a person breaking NLR?*
This is an example of NLR and what you should do.

Explain metagaming and give an example:
MetaGaming is one of the more complex rules. Basically this is what it means:
If someone gave In game information OOC (Out Of Character) And a player
uses this information to manipulate his ingame experience or give information
away that is for ingame purposes.

Here is an example:
*Doobinator: // Hey guys! I found out where the Mayor is being help captive!
Hes at the Abandoned Warehouse! Get a warrant!*
*Mayor approves Warrant for the house*
*balli: Guys the mayor position has been given away!
I will attempt to contact an admin as they cant do that! Defend the house if they fire!*
*balli: @Excuse me, People appear to have broken the Metagming rule could you lend a hand?*
OR! There is another form! Here is the example:
*Cop sees sparks coming out of wall and hears printers sounds*
*Cop places warrant Reason: Printers*
*balli: // How did you know?*
*Cop: // I saw the sparks and heard the noises*
*balli: // That is meta gaming*
*Cop: // No it isn't*
*balli: // would you like me to explain?
*Cop: No im right!*
*balli: @Excuse me, It appears someone is breaking meta gaming and disagreeing could you explain
what meta gaming is? I have tried. Thank you.

Why should you be chosen? (at least 50 words)
I personally believe you should choose me as I have alot to offer, I have alot of expertise in dealing with situations
where there is conflict met, I am a person who is completely confident around others and I try to explain
everything within the fullest extent of my intelligence, I am a well respected member of the community. I have plenty
of experience with other communities and I have done this all before and know how to appropriately apply punishments
with the correct reasoning and validation, I am not Biased(Meaning I Wont just ban someone because I don't like them)
I make every attempt physically possibly to give the outmost performance on any sort of work I do and have done in the
past. All i wish to do is hope to expand to another community where I can further my knowledge and pass it on to those who
may be uncomfortable. I am very polite and have good grammar. I am also a very patient person. However I absolutely
despise racism. I cannot stand it. When i see a racist that is most likely the only time people actually see me
angry, I am usually a very calm person and would absolutely love to be apart of the community.
Thank you for taking me into consideration and I hope your verdict will be to welcome me into your home as a staff
member. I would love to help out.
Thank you for also taking your time to read.


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Re: admin/superadmin ap

Post by HypnoticMamaluigi - Owner on Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:36 am

It may not follow the template but balli is definitely up on my list of admins somewhere.

Although these are my thoughts, I cannot give +support yet because the server is popular yet.

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