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DefiantRP Rules

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DefiantRP Rules Empty DefiantRP Rules

Post by [DR-FO] Terry | Tibbbs on Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:46 am

General Rules

1. Respect all players, disrespect will not be tolerated!

2. Must be able to communicate in English!

3. Don't try to be a smart-ass.

4. Respect the admins decisions, do not complain or argue

5. No advertising other servers/sites.

6. Do not tell an admin how to do their job

7. Do not impersonate an admin or any player, change your name. This includes RP names.

8. Do not evade ban, mute, gag, silence, etc.

9. If you feel the need to minge, the admins may feel the need to fudge with you.

10. No idling at all, Want money go printer farm or get a job ya bum!

(Also counts for props you open to shoot out)

Dark RP Rules

1. N.L.R applies! (N.L.R: You can't go back to the place you died for 5 minutes,
nor do you remember anything that happened. So no revenge kills!)

2. R.D.M is forbidden! (Random Death Match - Killing people for no RP reason)

3. There must be 2 keypads to 1 door, the keypads must work. (Other wise it's prop block)

4. Mic spamming will not be allowed,either will chat spamming. You can play music, Only if you're a Club DJ.

5. Do not spam job votes. Try a different job if you aren't making the vote.

6. Do not abuse your job. Do what your job was intended for.
Using a job for it's resources and then changing is job abuse.
Giving items from your job is not allowed.

7. You must have a reasonable cause for shooting at someone (not killing).
Hate crimes, racism, etc. is reasonable.

8. If you are Building please place a sign outside your base.
You cannot be building if you have valuables, such as Printers / Guns!

9. Do not SPAM entities as Gundealer, Black Market, Drugdealer or any other jobs that have the ability to.

10. You must have a NORMAL name, no special characters allowed.

11. Only 3 keypadded doors per enterance... Means no 'Maze' designs.

12. No no-collided props that you can pop in and out to shoot others!

13. No feet traps!

Anymore rules need adding contact Terry or Hypnotic

Job Rules

Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer

1.No self supplying.
2.You have to own a shop.
3.You must sell to everyone.


1.You can not warrant people while they are building
2.You may not have printers
3.You must follow all of the mayors orders and the law
4.The only time you don't have to follow orders is if you change your job name to 'Corrupted Police Officer' or whatever job you are


1.No exploiting to get into bases (Prop Surf, Climb)
2.Don't RDM


1.Do not give yourself hits
2.Can not place hits to other HitMen
3.Do not RDM

Car Rules

1.You will be given 2 warnings before being banned for CDM (Car Deathmatch).
2.You can kill people using your car if the person has tried to steal it or they're trying to kill you Very Happy
3.dunt be a scrub u fegit.


1.No Propkilling
2.No Propblocking
3.Do not spam props
4.Props must be visible
5.Don't block roads
6.Do no propsurf
7.Don't mess with others things; Example: Slam a prop into their buildings
8.Don't build in spawn.
9.Crouch tunnels are not allowed, they create an unfair advantage.

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