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DefiantRP Revival!

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DefiantRP Revival! Empty DefiantRP Revival!

Post by HypnoticMamaluigi - Owner on Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:33 am

The DefiantRP Revival Server!

We, as a community, have all decided that DefiantRP was too good to lose.
You may have thought that the shutdown of DefiantRP was the end of it, but we are coming back.
Me and Jon Amos have both decided to bring back the great server, but this time, it's changed.
Now that we will be getting a dedicated server, we will be changing the name of it all to 'DefiantGaming'.
"Why are we changing the name to this?" you may ask yourself, well good sir, I'll tell you why...
We are changing because not only will we have DarkRP, we will also have other servers such as GMOD: Cinema, Sledbuild, CSS Surf and any others that we as a community decide what other content we're looking for.
As you may have known, on the previous server, we had just 1GB of RAM with 32 playerslots which lagged after around 10 props were spawned. Now that we have an unmanaged dedicated server we have 16GB RAM, up to 120 players for GMOD: Cinema, 64 on RP, 64 on Surf and 32 on Sled which is an amazing jump for us to make!

We apologise for any inconvenience this has created for you. If you had previously donated towards the server, you will have all of your donation features back and possibly more stuff!

Thanks for reading!
It'll be nice to see you all again soon!

PS: We have no idea when we will be able to buy the new server, they are all sold out for now. Until then, byeeeeeeeee!! :>

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